Thursday, July 9, 2015

Oversize Acupucture Insertion Tubes

Sterling Silver Acupuncture Guide Tubes 40 and 70mm Lengths

These tubes are the longest and largest I have made yet.   Please understand these tubes are not made from generic factory made tubing, they are drilled manually from each end.  Each hole must meet perfectly in the center of the tube.  I used to think 60 mm was the longest I could make but I am happy to say that I now feel comfortable producing tubes in this length and possibly even longer lengths if I can find longer drill bits.  The top tube is 3.6 mm in diameter (which is my standard tube diameter) which for me is a great size for a consolidated oshide while the tube still has generous mass
and a comfortable tip.  The bottom two tubes are 4.6 mm in diameter and were a special request.  I love custom orders and I know every practitioner has their own preferences.  I also learn a lot from the desires of each individual practitioner and find a great deal of satisfaction in handling different shapes and sizes of each tool.  Their is no right or wrong, just different.  The key, in treatment, lies in uniting the tool, technique, patient and practitioner.  These heavier tubes feel very massive and therefore more yang, but the softness and bluntness offer a substantial yin gentleness.  An unusual combination.

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