Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A "Quiver" of Teishins Pendant

Pendant Teishin Case

Of all the tools I make, the neck needle pendants have been the ones that bring the biggest smile to my face. First off, they are just really neat. You could say they were beautiful as well, but the best way to describe them is that they just have a high "cool factor".  they are even cooler because of what they represent.  Just as we would never go on an extended wilderness backpacking trip without a first aid kit, we are expressing the importance of our medicine in a "don't leave home without it" kind of way.  This shows that we actually see what we are doing as medicine and expressing outwardly a desire to help those in need, not just when they have an appointment but when they need it.  How fitting that this miniature first aid kit resides next to our own hearts.   Because this one holds three teishins, I am calling it a "quiver."  Which reminds me of the ancient Japanese art of Kyudo or archery.   One philosophical idea from Kyudo is that the goal of Kyudo is not that the arrow must hit the target, but that the arrow pierces the heart of the shooter himself.  I think this is a wonderful idea; to believe that our acts should penetrate our very souls.  When creating work like this simple teishin case I feel like I get a glimpse of this part of my self and it gives me much joy.

This case was designed for a massage therapist (I do hate to use that limiting term for this particular client because she has learned so many other techniques and devises very intricate and specific treatment plans for her patients), that uses teishins as well as a diverse array of other treatment techniques ranging from yoga to ultrasound, crystalline sound therapy, tui na, reiki and too many more to list.  I was a bit confused at first because she wanted three identical teishins.  It turns out she has much more co-ordination than I and uses several teishins simultaneously during her treatments.  This case was made a bit differently than my other neck needle cases which are machined entirely from a solid piece of silver.  This case was fabricated from multiple layers of tubing and round bar.  Even the threads were fabricated from coils of wire instead of being cut with a die.  This results in a very attractive and durable thread.  The pendant itself is around 2.5" long, and houses three 16 gage by 2.25" teishins.  I think I will be making myself one of these, maybe with the trio of a gold, silver, and copper teishin.  Now that will be cool!


Unknown said...

I carry this with me whenever I travel and love them so much! So do the people I work on with them! Much gratitude and thanks Anton!

Unknown said...

Hello Anton,
I am a friend of Judy Ko and she gave me your info, I would love to get "quiver", they helped me so much with my own injuries. Thank you for doing this powerful work! May your life be blessed with health and happiness.
May your days continue to open in Beauty
Sincerely, Heidi Hampe 208.610.4964

Anonymous said...

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