Sunday, October 25, 2015

Copper Multiple Tool Case

Acupuncture Tool Case
I have been asked many times to make complete kits of tools and cases and finally decided to make a case that could hold more than one tool.  These cases can be made out of copper or silver, but I really like copper because it results in a beautiful and durable case that will not be too expensive to produce.  I dressed this one up with some machined rings and a citrine gemstone setting on the lid.  The case is 3/4" in diameter and a little over 3" long.  It is lined with walnut wood that has five sections drilled for teishins, guide tubes or zanshins.  I like the wood liner but drilling the long ports for the tools is very difficult and inaccurate.  Future cases will have several sections created by using small copper tubes for them.  This should also use the space in the case more efficiently and allow storage of more tools.


Aly said...

How much do you sell these for? I love your work!

mandi indars said...

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mandi indars said...

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