Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 Pricelist

Here is a general outline of how I price my tools.  I will list the tools I generally sell the most frequently, but I am happy to make any variation or custom order that you would like.  Gold prices are subject to change. Please contact me at or call/text me at 406-780-1387 for more information.

Insertion Tubes:
Sterling silver insertion tubes round cross-section with end milling detail:  70$ up to 52mm length
Sterling silver insertion tubes hexagonal cross-section:  75$ up to 52mm length
18k gold insertion tube round with end milling heavyweight 52mm x 7 gauge: 400$
18k gold insertion tube round lightweight: varies by needle handle diameter
 *other lengths are available please call for pricing

Heavy sterling silver teishin 3" x 7 gauge with end milling: 75$
Heavy sterling silver teishin 3.5" x 7 gauge with end milling: 82.50$
Heavy sterling silver teishin 4" x 7 gauge with end milling: 90$
18k gold  heavy teishin 3" x 7 gauge with end milling: 550$
All the above teishins can be made with a zanshin end for the same cost.
18k classic gold teishin with one ball end and one sharp end 3" x 14 gauge: 200$

Sterling silver enshin 9mm ball x 7 gauge blunt, ball or sharp ended: 125$
Sterling silver standard yoneyama: 60$
Sterling silver "fish" yoneyama: 150$
Sterling silver heragata cylindrical: 75$
Sterling silver derma roller with copper handle: coming soon!

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