Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Neck Needle Pendant

Neck Needles;
My brother, his wife and children have all gotten into barefoot running. Impressively after only 6 months my brother is up to 20 miles barefoot and his wife 12!  They are truly inspirational.  We did quite a bit of running with them last thanksgiving and really enjoyed it, unfortunately living in Montana makes it difficult to run without shoes year round, since your feet would soon become purple, frost bitten and gangrene from the bitter cold.  Where they live in Prescott, AZ. They can run year long in the desert but they do have plenty of thorns.  This is why my Christmas gift to them this year were neck needles.  These were hand turned from solid sterling bar, first hollowed then threaded,   and decorated with some milling accents.  Finally a stainless needle was made that fit in the handle (a sterling silver needle could also be made which would fit in the handle for a portable teishin).  Now they always have a needle around their neck for when they "forget" their shoes.

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